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My reason for making this journal friends only is mostly just because I really want an excuse to post this awesome picture of natasha khan, so comment here and I'll add you.

shit i've read in '10

disregarding textbooks, because those are no fun.

fyodor dostoevsky - crime and punishment
voltaire - candide
zora neale hurston - their eyes were watching god
flannery o'connor - the complete stories
virginia woolf - mrs. dalloway
fyodor dostoevsky - the double
djuna barnes - nightwood
samuel beckett - watt
thomas pynchon - the crying of lot 49
knut hamsun - hunger
joris-karl huysmans - against nature
william faulkner - as i lay dying
aleksander solzhenitsyn - one day in the life of ivan denisovich (lotta unpronounceable names goin on here)
mikhail bulgakov - the master and margarita
john milton - paradise lost
jean genet - the balcony
vladimir nabokov - invitation to a beheading
william faulkner - the sound and the fury
andre breton - nadja
nikolai gogol - dead souls
jean-paul sartre - nausea
fyodor dostoevsky - notes from the underground
and then i read crime and punishment again. that should count. yeah, it counts.
karolina pavlova - a double life
rebecca west - the fountain overflows
nikolai gogol - petersburg tales
jorge luis borges - on writing
michelle huneven - blame
samantha peale - the american painter emma dial (ughhhh)
penelope fitzgerald - offshore
elizabeth bowen - to the north
leo tolstoy - anna karenina (finally!)
leo tolstoy - the death of ivan ilych
jorge luis borges - ficciones
penelope fitzgerald - human voices
jorge luis borges - on argentina
fyodor dostoevsky - the devils
gustave flaubert - madame bovary
emile zola - nana
ann pratchett - bel canto
natalia nagrodskaia - wrath of dionysus
mikhail kuzmin - wings
flannery o'connor - wise blood

in progress:
celine - journey to the end of the night

things i will read (for class, and else):
franz kafka - the trial

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Website of the night.

The sad thing is this shit ain't a joke, as I originally thought it was. Apparently it was created by some college professor who complained that wikipedia was too liberally biased. Yeah, a college professor at a university. I'm lost also.

My favourite is the article on feminism. They could have saved themselves some time and instead written "THEY'RE LESBIANS WHO DON'T SHAVE AND LISTEN TO BIKINI KILL."

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obligatory concert post

I've been meaning to post this over the past few days, but.. eh.

Concert was amazing. Actually, the word "amazing" doesn't do it justice at all, but I'm not going to bother with synonyms for now. 5 days later, I'm still on a ridiculous concert high. Anyway,

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I hate you, Oprah. Why? Because you defaced my perfectly innocent and perfectly pretty copy of White Oleander with your wretched "Book Club" sticker. To make things worse, you create a monopoly over the book so that your version is the only version available.

Let's also not forget the fact that in the past your little coalition fucked up the translation to Night, thus contaminating an otherwise awesome book.

..And I'm not going to add the "complaining" tag to this entry, even though I really am complaining. Because I swear that I don't complain as often as my tag cloud tells me that I do. D: